Sunday, 27 November 2011

Philippine FM Manila Radio Station Live Broadcast Stream

Please click on the live stream shortcut link at the sixth column in line with the row of the Filipino FM radio station you like to watch if you want to listen to actual live Manila FM radio broadcast. There are times some radio station are off-line.
Also you can click on the website link at the third column to go to your favorite radio station home page. Some Pinoy FM radio stations do not have good functioning website.

Frequency Name Website Format Call Sign Live Stream
88.3 FM Jam 88.3 JAM883 Alternative rock, Modern rock DWJM Jam_eRadio
89.1 FM Wave 89.1 Wave89.1 Rhythmic Contemporary, R&B, slow jam DWAV Wave_eRadio  
89.5 FM 89.9 FM Subic Bay 89.5 Magic 89.9 89.5Subic Bay Mag89.9 Rhythmic Top 40 Alternative Hot AC Rock Top 40 (CHR), Pop DWSB DWTM 895 Subic Bay Mag_eRad
90.7 FM 90.7 Love Radio Love90.7 Hot Adult Contemporary, Pop, OPM DZMB LoveRad 90.7eradioportal
91.5 FM 91.5 Big Radio 915BigRad Rhythmic Contemporary, Pop, OPM DWKY BigRadManila
92.3 FM Radyo5 92.3 News FM 92.3Rad5 News and Information/Talk DWFM 92.3Rad5
93.1 FM Monster Radio RX 93.1 Rx93.1 Urban Contemporary, Pop DWRX MonRxER
93.9 FM 93.9 iFM 93.9RMN Hot Adult Contemporary, Pop, OPM DWKC eRad93.9KC
94.7 FM Mellow 947 94.7MT Adult Contemporary, Love songs DWLL Mel94.7
95.5 FM Pinas FM 95.5 95.5Net25 Adult Contemporary , Pop, OPM DWDM PINAS DWDM 95.5FM
96.3 FM 96.3 Easy Rock 96.3MBC Lite Rock, Love songs DWRK RK96.3EeRad
97.1 FM Barangay LS 97.1
GMAShutdown LS FM Adult Top 40 (CHR), Pop, OPM DWLS Recorded 97.1 LS 

97.9 FM 97dot9Home Radio 97.9Home Soft Adult Contemporary, Love songs DWQZ eRad97.9HR
98.7 FM 98.7 The Master's Touch 98.7FEBC Classical DZFE DZFE FEBC RADIO STREAM
99.5 FM 99.5 RT RT99.5 CHR/Pop, Pop DWRT eRad99.5RT
100.3 FM RJ 100 100RJP Classic Hits, Oldies DZRJ 100RJeRad
101.1 FM 101.1 Yes FM YMbc101 Top 40 (CHR), Pop, OPM DWYS 101YesRad
101.9 FM Tambayan 101.9 101.9Tam OPM, Foreign Hits DWRR RR101.9TFC
102.7 FM 102.7 Star FM 102.7BomR Hot Adult Contemporary, Pop, OPM DWSM SFM102.7
103.5 FM 103.5 Wow FM Wow103.5 Hot Adult Contemporary, Pop, OPM DWKX 103.5KXwow
104.3 FM 104.3 Business Radio PBS104.3 Business News, Talks, Classic OPM DWBR BR104.3PBS
105.1 FM 105.1 Crossover CO105.1 Smooth AC, Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova DWBM WBM105.1
105.9 FM Radio High 105.9 105.9RadHi Smooth AC, Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova DWLA 105.9ERadHi
106.7 FM 106.7 Energy FM Ene106.7 Top 40 (CHR), Pop, OPM DWET 106.7EneFM
107.5 FM 107.5 Win Radio Win107.5 Adult Top 40, Pop, OPM DWNU NU107.5W
107.9 FM 107.9 U Radio Urad107.9 CHR/Dance, House, Electro, Trance, Chill DZUR UGR107.9


  1. Sarap makinig ng radio lalo na yung mga paborito mong nga kanta ang pini play. Buti na lang meron ng internet radio stations, pwede na makining online. :)

  2. thank you admin for making this site possible...more power!